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1965 Messias Port

Colheita Single Harvest Tawny Port

Only bottled in 2015, this 1965 Colheita port from Messias has a tawny colour. Fruity and fresh, with a bouquet that brings out the aromas of dried fruits, roasted nuts, wood and spices due to the prolonged time this wine has spent in cask and due to the gradual oxidation which created a soft and harmonious port full of complex flavour characteristics. The finish is long and satisfying.

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Armagnac, 1965

Chateau de Cassaigne Vintage Armagnac
1.15 litres

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Baron de Lustrac, 1965

Vintage Armagnac
Includes wooden gift box

Baron de Lustrac works with a number of small producers and growers and oversees production and ageing of their spirit – this allows them full control of their Armagnac. Only the finest eaux de vie from the best terroirs are used in the production of Lustrac’s vintage Armagnacs. Once distilled the colourless spirit is aged in 420 litre oak barrels. It is here, in barrel, that the Armagnac leaches vanillins and tannins from the toasted oak which lend the spirit colour and flavour. The depth of colour and complexity of flavour increase all the time the spirit is aged in cask, the colour can range from pale straw to rich amber.

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Chateau Latour , 1965

Pauillac Premiere Grand cru Classe (Upper shoulder)

Chateau Latour and has been for many the most consistent performer amongst the First Growth Wines over the past century, acquiring an enviable reputation for producing very good wine in the more challenging vintages.

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Chateau Malescot St-Exupery , 1965

Margaux 3me Cru Classe

Stored in a private cellar since original purchase, these are in great condition. Light garnet with some amber at the edge, the 1965 Malescot is very mature. Vanilla, oak, truffles and farmyard with a little spice and acidity. A few unresolved tannins. It remains a bit chunky but is still alive.

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Chateau Yquem, 1965

Sauternes 1er Grand cru Classe

A good wine. On the nose, bthere is some orange marmalade, honey and spice character in this wine. Turns quite woody, with lots of caramel.

YQUEM NOTES: It was very cold from April to September which dashed hopes for good ripeness. The deluge in late September (100 mm in 8 days) was very worrying, but things changed all of a sudden. The rain stopped and it was finally warm. There were two fine passes from the 3rd to the 12th of October and a third from the 16th to the 20th, however it was difficult to find grapes with high enough sugar levels. It took 22 days in a row of energetic picking

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Dow's Port, 1965

Quinta do Bonfim Vintage Port

A very rare single quinta port from Dow's.

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Dow's Port, 1965

Quinta do Bonfim Vintage Port - Cellar Reserve

A very rare single quinta port from Dow's.

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Fonseca Port, 1965

Guimaraens Single Quinta Port

Deep red, the colour of black cherry juice; 70% opaque. Dusty apples on the nose, with some spicy tobasco. Sweet in the mouth, red jelly beans but little fruit. The jelly beans come through strongly on the mid-palate. A hot aftertaste with lots of ginger that lasts a long time before dark cherry skins and black chocolate make up the finish. This is a nice port.

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Glen Mhor, 1965

Very Rare Single Malt Whisky- Bottled in 1997 by Gordon & MacPhail

A 1965 vintage, distilled at Glen Mhor and bottled in 1997 by Gordon & MacPhail. The distillery closed in 1983 and bottles are becoming increasingly hard to find.

The stills of Glen Mhor fell silent in 1983, along with those of the neighbouring distillery Glen Albyn. It was in 1980 that Diageo acquired Glens Albyn and Mhor respectively, demolishing them both several years later to make way for a shopping centre. Glen Mhor sits more or less atop the Caledonian Canal, the 62 mile man-made waterway which cuts a course from Inverness to Corpach. The whisky distillery was Scotland’s first to install a Saladin Box, a malting device which proved thoroughly economical for quite some time.

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